You can be a Christian and not read the Bible. Amazing right? Did you know for centuries that’s exactly how Christ followers lived? The majority of the world couldn’t read and didn’t have access to printed materials. Praise the Lord that we live in a time where printed Bibles are readily available to us! You have a greater privilege and opportunity than even some of the people you’ll read about… in the Bible!

Reading the Bible for myself is easily one of the most transformative things I’ve ever done. I didn’t have to search hard for amazing revelation. I need things to “pop off the page” (even though they do). No, all I needed to do was read the black and white pages filled with things I’ve never heard preached. It has completely changed my life!

This is a Bible plan that I created for myself, so I could adequately engage with the pages of scripture every day. My requirements for this plan were simple.

It couldn’t be so long that I wouldn’t have time to study when the pages engaged with my spirit. It also couldn’t end up being so short that I missed the greater context (or ended feeling empty).

I’ve designed this Bible Guide to be used a few ways. This paper is the guide, but you need to choose your plan. These plans are designed to help you read the Bible at a minimum of twice per year if you read daily.

Plan 70

Read the (almost) entire Bible in less than three months (if you read daily).

Read 1 New and 1 Old Condensed every day.

Plan 140

Read the (almost) entire Bible in less than five months (if you read daily).

Read 1 New every day. When you finish all 70, start on the Old Condensed, reading at the same pace.

Plan 35

Are you serious? You’re a beast! Read the (almost) entire Bible in just over one month (if you read daily).

Read 2 New and 2 Old Condensed every day. Or you can read 4 New until you finish, then start on the Old Condensed at the same pace.

I encourage people to read the New Testament reading first. The end of our Bible Reading time tends to be where we start rushing. Starting with the New Testament helps us make sure our full attention is on the right side of the cross!

I also read encourage you to read 1 Psalm and 1 Proverb every day at the other end of the day from when you use this plan. If you use this guide for your morning reading (like I do), then read your Psalm and Proverb in the evening. This was you “bookend” your day in the scriptures. This reading goes fast, so you can do it even when you’re busy. As a matter of fact, if I miss a day of reading, I still try to fo my Psalm and Proverb, that way I engage with the scripture every day.

Why is the Old Testament Condensed?

Well, it’s not just condensed, it’s chronological so you get to read events in order of occurrence. I condensed the Old Testament for one simple reason… lots of it doesn’t make sense! Isaiah is just as inspired as Romans, but the majority of Isaiah takes a Ph.D. to understand. This isn’t an attempt to rewrite the scriptures, but make sure you have a meaningful encounter with the scripture every day. I would encourage everyone to, at some point, read every single word written in the Bible.

I Like Physical Bibles.

I’m a tech geek. I love technology. If glows, automates, or plugs in… I want it. However, I prefer physical Bibles over digital Bibles. Don’t get me wrong; I’m the least traditional person you’ll meet. We live in a very connected, very “on,” very distracted age. That being said, there’s something about a physically Bible that helps me disconnect and remember that I’m doing something that isn’t ordinary, it’s a special event when I engage the scripture.

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